We offer customised solutions. We attach great importance to producing a sound, sustainable concept  prior the planning and building phases. With our extensive operational experience we guarantee successful long-term solutions.
In the beginning of a bath project there should not be a nice architectual drawing but a concept desinged, where the scores are clearly defined and the feasibility guaranteed.

Our consulting services:

Operating concept:
Developing profitable operating concepts from the staffing schedule through to the marketing strategy.



Profit improvement studies:
For existing facilities, we draft the most profitable operating strategy based on a detailed operational analyses and benchmarking with competitors, which can be realised with or without building activities.

Feasibility and attractiveness studies:
We draft a specific concept designed to be successful in the long-term, based on a detailed analysis of the competitive environment and market potential. Key elements of the concept include a detailed space allocation plan and area planning, initial investment estimates and a realistic profitability forecast. We pay particular attention to clear positioning, market-oriented dimensioning and the cration of an optimised functional building.

Regional pool concepts:
The key question for a economical regional concept is: How many and which types of pools does your community, city or region need? This depends on size requirements, pool types, location and intermunicipal collaboration models.

Developer support:
As partner to the principal builder, we advise on overriding pool-specific construction questions (during the archtectural tendering process, the planning phase etc.).